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social entrepreneurship courses

Online Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship Courses to Step up Your Game | Part 1

In this 21st century of ours, the internet gives us the opportunity to learn from the smartest minds on so many different topics. Social entrepreneurship is a field in which you can also learn online from the greatest minds and this is what you’ll get with this article. Find the […]

Empowering Social Entrepreneurship Summit to Go in 2018

We know that you want to travel the world to see new places and meet new people, but why not do so and stop by an empowering social entrepreneurship summit/conference in 2018! You’ll be able to meet new people with down to earth values and innovative thinking that will change […]

Instagram Profile to Follow

Top Social Entrepreneurship Profiles to Follow on Instagram | Part 1

Are you one of those who enjoys following useful profiles on Instagram? IG is a great hub for social entrepreneurs and social enterprises to reach the right audience in a trendy social media platform. Here, you will not see the most popular social enterprises/entrepreneurs like Toms, Acumen, Muhammad Yunus and […]

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